We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities around Asia, which covers the process of manufacturing Castings, Forgings, Machining, Tubing & Sub- Assembly. Our world class manufacturing facilities includes Foundry, Machine Shop, Press Shop, and Inspection. We have a strong network of more than 100 specialized vendors to manufacture metal & non-metal products.


We supply Ferrous and Non-ferrous castings made at fully-automated/ semi-automated foundries located across Asia. The parts are manufactured as per the specification of our customers.

Machine Shop

Our Fully equipped machine shop is geared to develop parts of exceptional dimensional accuracy. Our machine shop is equipped with Semi-Automatic, Special purpose, Conventional.

Forge Shop

The primary advantage of forging technology is the material savings achieved through precision shapes that need only minimal finishing. We have necessary expertise in developing customized hot & Cold forging parts.

Quality Room

We are committed to offering high precision parts with superior quality at competitive prices. We ensure the quality of our products through state-of-the-art inspection facilities. Our three-stage quality control process.

Forge Shop

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